Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Strolling around .....

What with preparations for a major European holiday and other issues taking up my modelling time,
 it occurred to me that I had not been very active on the layout  recently... although my enthusiasm
had been fired up by Pelle Soeborg's articles in Model Railroader. The realism he achieves
is impressive.

In any case, not having produced much lately, I nevertheless thought it might be a good idea to take a stroll around the layout and take a few snaps.

                                                                       At the Goulburn


        Alexandra yard

Alexandra goods shed (my version)


  1. Hi Walter,

    Your layout looks great. The back scene clouds look amazing. Are they painted are printed?



  2. Thanks, Linton, for your nice comments. The clouds are out of a $4
    spray can. You just have to do it in quick spurts .... it's all in
    the wrist,you know :-) Regards, Walter.

  3. Walter,
    I like your use of photos(?) of presumably Victorian homes for your background. Mike Walters

  4. This is my first visit - I am blown away. I got a taste on facebook, but this just smacked me around the face! I am coming back to read and learn. So many good things and good ideas. So much craftsmanship. Everything looks right - and finished! Thank you Walter.