Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Extension

     It  seemed pretty clear early on that some of the 20" radii just wouldn't work so well with the bigger locos, such as the 'B' Class and the 'J' , as well as bogie rolling stock , so an enlargement of the
benchwork was always on the cards - not that I had much room to play with !

     Bogie stock would be kept to a minimum, but the odd item would surely turn up ... In any case, I
decided the peninsula would be extended by some 450 mm and in the aisle, some 150 mm would be
added. All the trackwork in the area would  have to be re-done, which also allowed me to place the
level crossing at Cathkin (road to Alexandra) where it belonged, a little further Down.

Yard trackage not finalized.


                   Time for some serious surgery ...

                   Still far from ideal , but now workable.

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  1. Interesting! :-)

    Love your Klimpt, er, Klimt comment!