Thursday, 24 April 2014

Taking Stock...

I can't be certain, but I'm guessing that there still was a little livestock traffic in 1975, so I decided
to give Alexandra some stock ramps and holding pens.. They may have been larger than what I have space for and they would have been fairly dilapidated by then . Well - I can do dilapidated.

Old butterfingers had quite a difficult time with them, but I'm reasonably happy with the result.

A very close friend of mine with a farming background maintains that sheep and cattle would
not have been loaded into 'L' and 'M' wagons at the same time, but even though she is pretty gorgeous, I'm ignoring her...

I did have quite a time finding the Preiser Friesians ( I can never tell Friesians from Holsteins, someone please tell me ...)

By the way - the sliding door on the cattle ramp needs repairing already :-), it lies in the grass at the moment . The clumps of sheep, intended as loads for the 'Ls' will be replaced for the pens by Preiser
animals, which are quite finely crafted.
I think the pens will have to get some watering troughs...