Sunday, 1 December 2013

Not locked in anymore

       One day recently, I took a good look at Station Street, Yea, and it occurred to me that everyone needed a helicopter to get in and out of the place. This would be rather expensive, so I decided proper
road access might be a good idea, to say the least...With a little(actually, a lot of ) tweaking, there was
just enough space to put in a level crossing.
       Also, it was time to tackle the pub, as a warm-up for that scary project - the station. So, I busied
myself over the past few days,  intending to do the lot : The pub, the level crossing and  chain-mesh
 fencing around the tracks. My daughter supplied me with some curtain material, but I had to drive to
Jaycar in Bendigo to get a few brass rods and styrene. The pub, by the way, was largely done by
 gluing scaled-down photo prints onto card stock.
       There is a lot yet to be done around this area. Clearly, for one thing, those sheep need to be kept
off the road. But I am making progress.