Wednesday, 24 December 2014

A Farm house and some more scenic work.

     I at last managed to do a little work around the farm. I placed the homestead (farmhouse to
 anyone who doesn't live Downunder!) on a rather small level area, a little too small in hindsight.
 Never  mind, I still hope to place a shed or barn somewhere near the house.

    Between house and road I always intended to have a dam (pond) for the stock. It again turned
out a little smaller than I had hoped for, but I really don't have the acreage.

    I fear that the sheep and cattle may wander off, get run over by trucks or otherwise disappear without trace, as I haven't constructed any fences anywhere... they are on the top of my list of
projects to be done - in the meantime I can only hope they like the grazing well enough where
they are.-

    Some more work was also done at the level crossing on the Alexandra road.


It may be of interest to also look again at the approach to Yea, as some work was done there,but 
   the area is still being improved. Again, no fencing yet...                                                                    

Finally, once more, the yard at Alexandra... well, the rail fans will just keep taking photos. :-(


   There are a lot of details yet to be added - gutters, downpipes etc., etc. Then there are bigger        projects, such as Yea Station. Alexandra platform needs its picket fence mended.                                                       
 And, and, and ...                                                                                                       

Enough  for now.

A very Happy Christmas to everyone
and a Healthy and productive New Year,
 with a lot of fabulous and satisfying Model(l)ing .  Walter.