Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Cathkin Mark I

I had some difficulty from the beginning with having a loop of any useful size at Cathkin, but I had to work with the space available and pushed on undeterred. At the time I was only thinking of very short goods trains and rail motors. I would never have E carriages making up excursion trains , I thought.

As I mentioned before, I had decided to place the station building to the North of Nr.1  road. The goods shed was placed on the short siding on the South side. The level crossing was put immediately after the down points and the two roads to Alexandra and Mansfield were parting ways past that. It was all very tight. The  crossing signs were put up and and a lot of vegetation put in. The bitumen road making its way towards Alexandra was looking good.. I'd printed out the road signs for the intersection with the road to Mansfield, but haven't made them yet. Anyway, here is Cathkin Mark I. There would, of course, be a  Mark II.  It was inevitable.

   Moving towards Mansfield and Alexandra 

Raw scenery with T358 negotiating 20 " radius , going from Alexandra to Cathkin around the penninsula. The road 'to Mansfield' drops into the inside cutting. This whole area would eventually have to be enlarged to accommodate 23" radii.

Early video