Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Alexandra - First Try

I intended the branch to Alexandra not to have Koriella station modelled , it was too short for thatApart from dropping the line to  Mansfield down below the baseboard by means of a deep cutting, which then would be suitably camouflaged, the Alexandra track would curve around the end of the peninsula and straighten into the yard of the terminus.

The fact that these radii  (20") would turn out to be too tight for 'B' and 'J' classes was another story. I was now eager to concentrate on Alexandra. Here is the first (unfinished) version of that yard, when I still  had no hope of ever having to accommodate an excursion train that might consist of at the very least  3 'W' coaches and a 'CE'. Thus the rather short Nr.1 road and platform.

The platform and Nr. 1 road would eventually be lengthened to accommodate an excursion train consisting of  AW - BW - ABW - CE with a 'J' Class being able to run around.

I think for the moment we may have to ignore the fact that no 'B' Class ever went
 to Alexandra

In my version of Alexandra , UP is to the left, when in reality it is to the right. The correct way would have meant putting the station building on the aisle side and again, as in Cathkin, I didn't like to have to look over the top of it. After all .....' it is my ... blah, blah ...'

At this time I also did have no idea whether I would ever have a turntable , or where to put it. It wouldn't be near the yard throat , as in real life - there was no room. It would have to be at the Down end. The station building is a laser-cut kit from Outback Models and a fine kit it is too. There are now some more outbuildings attached at the far end and I think there is only one toilet, but I chose to ignore unimportant (to me) nonsense like that ... 'After all......'

The shed (Bullamakanka , I think) turned out to be too large and would be replaced by an Outback Models one. The water tank (yet unfinished) is the well-known kit, which I managed to make two copies of for Yea.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Recapping so far...

Just a few images of the look of the layout at that stage.

However, some radical things have been happening. More shortly...