Monday, 9 February 2015

Molesworth revisited

       I thought it was time I had another look at 'Molesworth' (my version :-) ). I lengthened the
platform as much as I could, changed the pitch of the roof and added the fence. I found a pack of Atlas picket fences which seemed good enough to satisfy my (modest) standards. As they were
all meant for level ground I had to disassemble a length and glue it together at the appropriate
angle for the ramp. I found a white metal kit of a 1000 l water tank with stand. The pack didn't have the tap it should have had, so I had to make up a passable one. Downpipes have yet to be added.

 I also finally got around to ballasting the yard, which apart from the main consist of an
 extremely short passing loop, only just long enough for a DERM.                                                                                                                                       
At the Warrnambool show I had bought one of Outback Models' country cottage kits, which
 off and on took my butterfingers a good two days to put together. It is a very nice kit, but I haven't   finished with it yet and it is not in the right position. Not happy with the roof either - will redo it.      
  There is also a scratchbuilt  garage for it    .                                                                                                                  The whole area in the foreground of this scene is yet to be landscaped...         

Enough for today.