Monday, 9 February 2015

Molesworth revisited

       I thought it was time I had another look at 'Molesworth' (my version :-) ). I lengthened the
platform as much as I could, changed the pitch of the roof and added the fence. I found a pack of Atlas picket fences which seemed good enough to satisfy my (modest) standards. As they were
all meant for level ground I had to disassemble a length and glue it together at the appropriate
angle for the ramp. I found a white metal kit of a 1000 l water tank with stand. The pack didn't have the tap it should have had, so I had to make up a passable one. Downpipes have yet to be added.

 I also finally got around to ballasting the yard, which apart from the main consist of an
 extremely short passing loop, only just long enough for a DERM.                                                                                                                                       
At the Warrnambool show I had bought one of Outback Models' country cottage kits, which
 off and on took my butterfingers a good two days to put together. It is a very nice kit, but I haven't   finished with it yet and it is not in the right position. Not happy with the roof either - will redo it.      
  There is also a scratchbuilt  garage for it    .                                                                                                                  The whole area in the foreground of this scene is yet to be landscaped...         

Enough for today.      


  1. Nice work Walter! I love looking into people's layouts for the first time and seeing the realism punch through in areas that aren't even finished. But then again, is a layout ever truly finished? I'm about to start a new project in HO for the first time since I was 8. The past 35 years I have been an avid US N-scaler, but with the amount of good quality Aussie HO on the market, I guess it wore me down to the point where I bought a new model and have started designing a small layout. Your blog is inspiring, keep it up and I'll be back to check out its progress. Happy modelling!

  2. Thanks for your kind comment, Phillip. As you get older (speaking for myself), HO becomes a much better proposition than N, in spite of the larger space needed. You are right - no layout is ever finished, although there is one I know of, so considered by its builder and that is Jack Burgess' "Yosemite Valley". We are being spoiled now with the great number of Australian models on the market . I'm glad you find inspiration from my blog and good luck and have fun! Regards, Walter.