Sunday, 24 November 2013

Mutton Chop

          This being the month of Mo-vember, when we are  all doing our bit for men's cancer research,
I realized that I was unable to grow a m(o)ustache, because I have been wearing a beard since about
1965 - the cool trendsetter that I am...
          Then my mind wandered - it often does these days - and I was thinking 'mutton chops'. From
there it was only a short step for me to go out and buy three of the new Ozrail  L sheep vans,
of which the Victorian Railways had over 1400. They were used for sheep and sometimes pig
transportation, until1986, when those dastardly road transports finally won out.
          These 4-wheelers were quite a sight in the prototype, but for the models before me, the word
cute seems to have been invented. I nevertheless think they are some of the finest r-t-r models ever
produced .... just my opinion, of course. They will do sterling service in the hills of Yea, Cathkin and
Alexandra. Only for another few years though.....

                   There will actually be a sheep loading ramp  at Alexandra, but this location is                                                                more photogenic.


  1. I think I have said this before but your scenery is amazing, the back scene blends in so well!

    Although I am a NSW modeller I do love a lot of the Victorian stuff. Looks great Walter.



  2. Thank you for your kind comment, Linton. One of my next few projects will be to build some proper gum trees - not just what I've had so far. I watched Dan Pickard not so long ago at one of the shows (Sunbury?) and he's got them down to a fine art.
    Best Regards, Walter.

  3. I bought some of these. Quite lovely. It seems a shame to weather them