Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Where, What and How ?

I decided early on that  the short as well as  infrequent trains running on the line were just right for a small layout like this. I would mainly run four-wheelers, pulled by T Class diesel locos, with the odd Y and a nice J steamer, if I could get one. A  B Class diesel  would also have to make an appearance, but it could go no further than Yea, as in real life. There would be an excursion train every  now and then, consisting of W coaches, E cars being just too long. A CE luggage van could be added.

The sparse daily passenger traffic would be taken care of by some diesel-electric rail motors (DERMs) and perhaps a small Walker railmotor. The time I chose, seeing that the line was closed in 1978, was 1975,  rather arbitrarily.

When it came to the Junction at Cathkin, things became quite interesting. The branch to Alexandra was easy to do, going around the scenic divider to the other side of the peninsula.

But what to do with the line to Mansfield?

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